What is IUF

What is IUF? What will you find at IUF? Why do you come at IUF?

Looking for a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD or MBA abroad or in Greece? Or you just want to know more about school systems from all over the world?

Come at IUF and find out everything about study opportunities from Greece and abroad! You can be one of the 4.000 Greek students who choose every year to study abroad. You can too, especially after you meet the official representatives of the universities and discuss with Greek students and graduates of the universities attending the event.

Being at its second edition, IUF (The International University Fair), is set to become the largest and most student-oriented international university fair in Greece.

You sign up at IUF and …

  • You meet the representatives of over 40+ universities and educational institutions
  • You find out information about over 2.000 study programs (Bachelor’s Degree, Master Degree, MBA, Doctor’s Degree)
  • You find information about different funding sources and scholarships that you can apply for
  • You get free educational counseling offered by experienced counselors
  • You get counseling for career and vocational orientation
  • You get specials offers and discounts